Acceptable Usage Policy - Domain Name Registration & Hosting

Although RM Consulting will endeavour to provide as reliable a service as possible, we shall not be held liable for any loss or damages caused by the unavailability of our servers or services.

The customer shall not use any domain hosted by RM Consulting to 'spam' or provide any tools designed to aid spammers (such as bulk mailers).

The customer is responsible for the contents of the webpages they host with RM Consulting. It is their responsibility to ensure that they do not violate UK law and that copyrighted material is used with the permission of the copyright holder.

Data stored on our servers is not guaranteed to be backed up. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that they have backups of important data.

If a site is generating traffic that is detrimental to access to other sites hosted by us we reserve the right to throttle or disable access to that site. Note that this is only for traffic exceeding the agreed bandwidth for the customers site.

If the customer is registering a .uk domain with RM Consulting then they shall be aware that RM Consulting is acting as the customers agent with Nominet UK. Nominet's Terms and Conditions for .uk registrations can be found at and by purchasing the domain the customer agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions laid out therein.

If the customer is registering a .com, .net, .org, .tv, .biz, .ca, .cc, .cn, .de, .dk, .es, .eu, .info, .mobi, .name or .us domain with RM Consulting then they shall be aware of the ICANN Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and by purchasing the domain agree to be bound by the terms and conditions laid out therein.

If the customer is registering a,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, domain with RM Consulting then they shall be aware of the CentralNIC term and conditions ( and by purchasing the domain agree to be bound by the terms and conditions laid out therein.

This AUP is subject to change and the current version can always be found at

Acceptable Usage Policy - Internet Access Provision

Internet services are provided in conjunction with our partner broadband wholesaler Entanet. The acceptable usage policy is available here.


Broadband contracts on a rolling 30 day contract can be cancelled by giving 30 days notice to RM Consulting. Broadband customers cancelling a mid-term contract will be subject to fees equal to the remaining monthly payments plus the cancellation fee. Ceasing a broadband or fibre connection will insure a cease fee. Contact customer support for details.

Customers are free to cancel their hosting account at any time. As long as there is no outstanding amount due to be paid RM Consulting will assist in the transferal of any domain names the customer may have, if they so wish. If the customer still has an outstanding amount due to RM Consulting then we reserve the right to retain control of the domain until this amount is paid. No refund will be given for time left before the account expires.

IT support contracts can be cancelled at the end of the contract term, a one month notice period is required. Customers on a rolling contract must give notice of cancellation equal to the rolling contract period (i.e. a 1 month rolling contract customer must give 1 month notice of cancellation), this notice must be given so it ends on the last day of a month.

Customer Services

For customer service queries you call us on 01244 458765 or email you may also use the contact us page on this website. We aim to respond to customer service queries within 24 hours.


Customers are required to pay invoices within 28 days. RM Consulting reserves the right to suspend the account, services or internet traffic to customers if bills are not paid after a reasonable attempt to contact the customer. We also reserve the right to charge admin fees & statutory interest, or take legal action or involve other parties for debt collection on overdue invoices.

All goods remain the property of RM Consulting until invoices are paid in full.

Customer financial details are processed by our payment processing provider, and are not available to us. Financial details are not stored by RM Consulting.


Pricing is as shown on the relevant pages of the website.

Quotations for other work can be requested by contacting customer services. Quotations issued are valid for 30 days (unless stated otherwise on the quotation).

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is available here.

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